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3 October 2022, 15:06

Эффективность охлаждения двигателя в них можно улучшить: сделав канал входящего (холодного воздуха) непосредственно из надкапотного пространства к воздухозаборной части двигателя. Плюсы:
1 не будет необходимости нагнетать воздух под капот,
2 воздушные потоки горячий/холодный под капотом не будут перемешиваться- холодный воздух будет охлаждать мотор а горячий будет выходить наружу.
3 горячий воздух из мотора можно использовать для обогрева экипажа.
4 можно будет более надежно защитить детали и механизмы находящиеся под капотом от внешних воздействий т.к. потребуется меньше отверстий в капоте.

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
3 October 2022

Эффективность охлаждения двигателя в них можно улучшить: сделав канал входящего (холодного воздуха) непосредственно из надкапотного пространства к воздухозаборной части двигателя. Плюсы: 1 не будет необходимости нагнетать воздух под капот, 2 воздушные потоки горячий/холодный под капотом не будут перемешиваться- холодный воздух будет охлаждать мотор а горячий будет выходить наружу. 3 горячий воздух из мотора можно использовать […]

18 April 2022, 04:56

Заказывал вездеход в прошлом году, ребята сделали все очень оперативно, а главное качественно! Добрыня радует каждый день, огромное вам спасибо и успехов!!!

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
18 April 2022

Борис, благодарим Вас за теплые слова! Радостно слышать, пусть Добрыня и дальше радует Вас)

6 January 2022, 05:30

Good New Year to all ! In the autumn of 2021 , Dobrynya acquired a transporter , the operation of an all – terrain vehicle in the mountainous regions of the Altai Territory and the floodplain of the Ob River .In less than half a year , the equipment passed about 400 km on a very uneven surface of our Homeland ) , made three oil changes in the engine and pulled the tracks a couple of times , picking up the pressure in the wheels for a more comfortable ride and that ‘s surprisingly all , and yes , often more ) . Thank you guys , I don ‘t even want to call it work , thank you for your creativity ! The technique pleases and there are fewer places where I haven’t been yet). Good luck to you in the new year ! Thank you for the good horse , Dobrynya ) !

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
6 January 2022

Andrey, thank you for your kind words! It’s very nice to hear, let Dobrynushka continue to please you and help you overcome the most inaccessible and beautiful places) And I wish you all the best in the New Year)

19 December 2021, 13:36

Hello. Are you planning to put an all-terrain vehicle on plastic tracks or something similar.bodyda

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
19 December 2021

Good afternoon, Yuri!

No, we do not plan to switch to composite (I think you mean them by plastic), the conveyor belt is the best option, reliable, affordable and durable!)

28 June 2021, 00:50

At the end of February 2021, he purchased the Dobrynya Bulat all-terrain vehicle. After 18 hours of operation, it was revealed that the tension rollers began to grind together with the “fangs” in an unnatural way from the inside. Realizing that this should not happen, I turned to the company’s management. Trying to understand the reason, it turned out that the beam on which the rollers are attached bent in a barely noticeable arc and the tracks diverge in different directions from the body. I turned to the management of the company attaching visual information. Within 10 days, the company manufactured at its own expense and supplied me with a newly manufactured beam with rollers, for which I express my respect and gratitude to the entire Dobrynya team. Good luck to you!

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
28 June 2021

Victor, good afternoon!
Thank you for your feedback and we hope you won’t have any more breakdowns)

10 May 2021, 10:56

Good afternoon!
And you don’t put diesel engines and why? Thanks

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
10 May 2021

Good afternoon, Alexander!
In general, we can supply, Lifan diesels were abandoned, they are still damp and work extremely unstable, unfortunately (We can supply, for example, Qubot, these are the most reliable diesel engines on the market)

7 May 2021, 19:11


Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
7 May 2021

Good afternoon, Andrey! No, we don’t sell KIT kits)

8 March 2021, 14:10

Hello, which variator is on dobrynya bulat 29 hp.

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
8 March 2021

Good afternoon, Gennady! On all our models there are buranovsky Safari variators

25 February 2021, 12:27

Good afternoon. Sorry, maybe I didn’t read it carefully, but I didn’t find it on the site. The question about registration, how will the authorities react to it, what is needed for legal use? Thanks

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
25 February 2021

Good afternoon, Sergey! At the moment, we are still undergoing certification, so we do not issue PSM yet, so registration is possible only as a homemade product (But this is for Gostechnadzor, a purchase and sale agreement is enough for the traffic police)

Exusian Vadim Vasgenovich
16 February 2021, 13:04

Hello! I read the questions and answers, not once do you advise customers to buy a trailer for a previously purchased all-terrain vehicle, saying that the weight is under a ton, the characteristics also indicate a mass of 700 kg, if more than 750 kg, then the trailer is biaxial and, accordingly, open the category (to be trained). I have a single-axle trailer, about 2 meters wide, two snowmobiles are included, can I be transported on this, or is the weight of the product underestimated in the TTX? Thanks.

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
16 February 2021

Good afternoon, Vadim! Yes, that’s right, it’s better to choose an all-terrain vehicle first, and then buy a trailer for it) the mass of all-terrain vehicles is from 650 to 1,000 kg, depends on the model, engine, options and number of axles) It is possible to transport up to a ton on both single-axle trailers and two-axle trailers. It can also be transported on your own, depends on your experience and distance, in the TTX, the trailer’s load capacity is underestimated, most likely, it is possible to carry it on it, but two-axles, of course, are safer for long distances, and yes, a category is needed)

8 February 2021, 09:05

Hello! Do you have a Dobrynya mini in stock? Or only to order? With an 18.5 l/s engine, the price is 270 000 rubles? Delivery to Kazakhstan in Aktobe how much will it cost?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
8 February 2021

Good afternoon, Daniyar! And there are ready-made ones available and under the order, depending on what equipment is needed and color) With an 18.5-horsepower engine, it now costs 290,000 rubles., Since February 01 we have had a rise in price, they wrote about it everywhere!) It is better to calculate delivery to Kazakhstan on the website of any TC, I think the cheapest option will be Russian Railways – about 50,000 rubles.

7 February 2021, 16:35

Is it possible to drive 2-3 km on an asphalt road surface without consequences for the trucks of the Transporter 2.0 all-terrain vehicle?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
7 February 2021

Good afternoon, Yuri! Once again, we answer you that tracked all-terrain vehicles, like any other tracked vehicles, are not designed for public roads and driving on asphalt, but in general it can, yes, if the tracks are from the channel)

16 January 2021, 17:15

Please explain, can an all-terrain vehicle Transporter 2.0 with two or three riders pass without damage to the tracks on an asphalt road from 3 to 5 kilometers?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
16 January 2021

Good afternoon, Yuri! In general, tracked all-terrain vehicles, like any other tracked vehicles, are not designed for public roads and driving on asphalt, but in general it can, yes, if the tracks are from the channel)

28 December 2020, 02:24

Hello, how long ago did they start putting gas bridges on Safari and pre-installing. I buy with my hands does it make sense to take Safari 18.5 in the Vase version. Thank you

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
28 December 2020

Good morning, Vladimir! We have been putting up Gazovsky bridges for more than a year, the Safari model is currently suspended in production, just because the internal width of the boat does not allow us to put the Gazovsky bridge there. The closest model to Safari now is a Mini, where the Gas bridge is already in the base, but the front drive. An updated model with front-wheel drive will appear a little later)
It makes sense to buy used or not – it’s up to you, here is the question of your capabilities, intended use and condition of the all-terrain vehicle, in general, a Safari with an 18.5 hp motor, with proper operation, can run for a long time on VAZ components)

10 December 2020, 18:04

Good afternoon,
Tell us what is the overall distance between the outside of the wheels along the width of the all-terrain vehicle. Interested in the possibility of transportation in a trailer (width 1500 mm.) with removed tracks

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
10 December 2020

Good evening, Igor! The width of the all-terrain vehicle on the outer sides of the wheels is 160 cm! Therefore, an all-terrain vehicle will not fit into a standard one and a half meter trailer, even with folding sides. And it’s not safe, the all-terrain vehicle weighs under a ton, for its transportation you need a full-fledged two-axle trailer, designed for a weight of a ton or more. And then, without a caterpillar, it turns out not an all-terrain vehicle, but a boat on wheels, it will be practically uncontrollable and it is extremely difficult to load it in this form into any trailer!) Therefore, our advice to you is to buy an all-terrain vehicle, and already buy a trailer for it, and not vice versa. With the choice of a trailer, we can help and advise in detail, call us at 8-906-768-93-78, or you can leave your phone number, we will call you back)

23 November 2020, 11:36

Good afternoon, tell me how much it will cost to deliver the conveyor in the standard configuration to the Amur region of Svobodny

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
23 November 2020

Good afternoon, Maxim! The cost depends on the chosen Transport company. For example, While there is no Free at all, the nearest delivery to Blagoveshchensk is approximately 74,000 rubles with a crate, GTD (former WHALE) to Free is 99,000 rubles with a crate. There is no energy either. Most likely, the most budget option for delivery to Svobodny is to send Russian Railways, I think approximately to 45 000 – 50 000 rub has to meet.

For a more detailed calculation, you can contact us by phone 8-906-768-93-78, Alexander. Or you can leave your contact phone number, and we will call you back and advise you in detail!)

17 November 2020, 18:53

Good afternoon. And the photo Transporter 2 in the basic default configuration is possible?
Is it without a roof and a door? It is not clear from the price list.

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
17 November 2020

Good afternoon, Vladimir! Yes, the photo of the Conveyor 2.0 in the base is attached below, the frame and folding doors are not included in the basic configuration. All basic options are described in detail in the price list, just like additional options. And you can learn more about the photos of each model in the catalog or in the Photos section!)

6 November 2020, 23:49

Hello! Question-is the safety frame included in the basic configuration of the conveyor 2.0?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
6 November 2020

Good night, Yaroslav! No, the safety frame is not included in the basic cost of the Conveyor, more information about basic and additional options can be found in the price list, each model has it in the Documents section!)

26 October 2020, 16:55

Does the price of all-terrain vehicles include a recycling fee or not?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
26 October 2020

Good evening, Boris! No, the disposal fee is not included in the cost of all-terrain vehicles, because registration is still impossible at the moment, due to the fact that certification is an extremely complex, time-consuming and sooo long process!(

But even after passing certification, we will not include the disposal fee in the cost of all-terrain vehicles, but we will issue technical specifications and certificates to everyone, and together with the purchase and sale agreement, at the place of registration of the buyer, it will be possible to obtain a PSM, having previously paid the disposal fee at the local supervisory authority.

27 August 2020, 11:45

And where can I talk to real owners who already have at least a year of operating experience?
Do you put a bridge with GAS on the mini?, if not, for what reason?
I’m looking for an all-terrain vehicle option for myself, but I don’t believe too much in VAZ bridges, even reinforced ones, I have to go far, for one trip more than 100 km, so I want to be sure that you will come back the same way you left home.
As a rule, I drive alone, this also makes me think about reliability.

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
27 August 2020

Good afternoon, Mikhail! You can ask questions here, all users can comment and answer, you can join our Vkontakte group – there is always a very active discussion there!)

We put the GAS bridge on the Mini, we generally now put only GAS components on all models) We understand you perfectly well, we also came to the conclusion a long time ago that VAZ bridges and gearboxes do not withstand loads when turning diff, and this practice can be traced to all manufacturers of such equipment (But on GAS components you can confidently drive both 100 and 200 km and be sure that you will return home on an all-terrain vehicle! But if you most often drive alone, we recommend that you be sure to put a winch, and quick-release, both on the front and on the back, and carry spare belts of the variator with you)

19 August 2020, 20:36

Good afternoon, tell me the size and loosening of the wheel and which car is suitable?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
19 August 2020

Good afternoon, Ruslan! Depending on what model year you have an all-terrain vehicle, the very first models were on VAZ 14-x disks, then they put disks from the Volga, at the moment they are regular ones from Ford Mondeo, the loosening is the same as the Volga ones – 5×108!)

6 July 2020, 17:51

I beg your pardon! I’ll ask you one question! How much have prices increased due to the crowned contagion and the fall of our wooden ruble?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
6 July 2020

Alexander, at the moment the base cost of all-terrain vehicles has increased by 10,000 rubles, because now all all-terrain vehicles in the base come with a Gas bridge and 15 wheels, but this has nothing to do with the pandemic!) There is a possibility that engine suppliers will raise prices by autumn, but we do not think that the increase will be significant, most likely within 1 000 – 2 000 rub .

6 July 2020, 17:50

I’ve been using cuttlefish for two years, picking up everything! I didn’t even pay attention to the goose! But by chance, out of boredom, I watched a video where cuttlefish and your tank were compared! The desire for this four-wheeled cow with rims instantly disappeared! Questions to you already for the glands, but there is no time to ask! I’m going on a flight tomorrow! It seems to me that your “lunokhod” is both more reliable and more passable, and at a more pleasant price! From the flight I will come, wait for questions! I have a bunch of them! By autumn I think I will show up in your Moscow store! Good luck to you guys!

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
6 July 2020

Good evening, Alexander! We are glad to hear that you have realized the futility of wheelers-carats in comparison with tracked all-terrain vehicles, with which we hasten to congratulate you!)) Tracked all-terrain vehicles are indeed more reliable, unpretentious and passable than cuttlefish, while the differences in cost depend more on the models. For example, our Dobrynya Mini model is cheaper than most carats, but the Conveyor and Bulat models are about the same) We are looking forward to your return from the flight and will be happy to advise you, 8-906-768-93-78 – Alexander, call. Or, upon arrival, you can leave your contacts and we will contact you. Have a good flight, a fair wind and no nail or rod, as they say!)

4 July 2020, 18:37

Good afternoon. Additional information is available
The option to install a 50 cm wide goose ?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
4 July 2020

Vasily, good afternoon! At the moment, the goose is already 46 cm in the base, and it is more than enough even on decent snow and swamps, and the specific pressure on the ground of all-terrain vehicles is small (on average 0.05 kg / cm2) In case of use in the northern regions and exceptionally deep snows, we have a 15 cm caterpillar expander on each side, but we recommend using it only in winter. If this does not seem enough to you, of course, we can individually make you an all-terrain vehicle with a width of 50 cm, but will it be advisable?) What region do you have where you plan to use the all-terrain vehicle? And what kind of soil is mainly swamps, swamps, snow?)

16 June 2020, 02:48

Hello, I am from Peru and I am interested in Dobrynya quad bikes, more detailed information in Spanish by e-mail corp-ms@hotmail.com

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
16 June 2020

Hello, Wilman!) We are glad to hear that even in Peru people are interested in our equipment! Yes, we will be happy to discuss all the details with you and also will consult you in more detail, it possible in English or in Spanish) We have sent an email to your e-mail address.

Hola, Wilman!) Estamos contentos de escuchar que incluso en Perú la gente está interesada en nuestro equipo! Sí, estaremos encantados de discutir todos los detalles con usted y consultarlo en detalle, es posible en inglés o en español) Hemos enviado un correo electrónico a su dirección de correo electrónico.

16 May 2020, 10:13

Transporter May 2019 release, mileage 20 km. When driving a distance of 1-2 km on a flat road, the 24 HP motor heats up to 130 degrees, (in the instructions up to 110) you have to stop and wait for it to cool down. This is very inconvenient. Why is this happening and what to do about it.

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
16 May 2020

Vladimir, we welcome you! We put an electronic engine temperature sensor on all-terrain vehicles of 19 years (now mechanical) and it was put on a candle, so the operating temperature range was from 120 to 180 degrees, and we always warned about this, probably you did not attach importance to this) therefore, 130 degrees is quite an operating temperature, you do not need to do anything, you also do not need to stop, you can safely continue driving!)

9 March 2020, 16:27

Tell me, are the all-terrain vehicle units designed for long transitions of 200-400 km? If the design of the all-terrain vehicle needs to be changed in any way, do you work on an individual order?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
9 March 2020

Good afternoon, Pavel! Frankly speaking, it is difficult to guarantee 100%, because we personally have no experience of such continuous operation, we drove no more than 70 km a day! But there are customers who overcome 150-200 km through the marshes for departure, without any breakdowns, so we assume that 200-400 all-terrain vehicles will pass) in any case, we would recommend taking a spare variator belt and oil for maintenance at such distances!

According to the design of the all-terrain vehicle – depending on what you mean by changes, we can do something individually, something not, if it will radically affect the performance characteristics of the all-terrain vehicle. In any case, it is better to coordinate such questions individually, so call 8-906-768-93-78 Alexander, or leave your contact phone number and we will definitely contact you!

5 March 2020, 16:45

Good evening! Tell me what length Dobrynya Conveyor 2.0 with 4 axes will have. Why is there no price list for Dobryna Transporter 2.0? I would like to see a photo of the 4-axle Conveyor 2.0 both outside and inside. You can send it to the post office alexey_kokorin@mail.ru

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
5 March 2020

Good evening, Alexey! The length of the 4-axis Conveyor will be 3.3 m, those are 0.5 meters longer than the base. How is there no price list? There is a price list here on the website, in the documents section, there is also one in our Vkontakte group!) We attach the photo below and also duplicated it to your email!)



15 February 2020, 11:24

Good afternoon, please tell me what a reinforced VAZ gearbox is, how much reliability increases in contrast to the usual one, and can I order it from you, the price?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
15 February 2020

Good afternoon, Alexey! The reinforced VAZ gearbox is our own development, instead of the standard 2-satellite VAZ gearbox, we manufacture 4-satellite, the metal is also more durable. Reliability increases, yes) It is possible to order, but at the moment, due to the fact that the VAZ components do not withstand such loads, we refuse them and completely switch to GAS, and the bridge and gearbox, hubs, pads, etc.)

14 February 2020, 16:50

You can also send customer contacts to the mail if they were from Nizhny Novgorod to see live and chat with a real user without leaving for 400 km!?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
14 February 2020

Nikolai, good afternoon! Unfortunately, there were no orders from Nizhny Novgorod yet!(But, you can become our first customer from Nizhny Novgorod!)) The nearest all-terrain vehicle to you is in Vladimir, if there is a desire, we will send contacts)

14 February 2020, 16:42

Good afternoon. Why exactly 3-axis modifications, and not two (at least for mini), the mass of the device does not seem to be great, and the stability on the tracks should be normal anyway?
Another question is, when are you going to get certified and if you can’t register now, then you can only ride them in the woods, and in remote villages?! Do not go out on public roads and even to large reservoirs (reservoirs) in winter for fishing, because they can check the vehicle there?!
It is written about the warranty that does not apply to the variator and the usual gearbox, but the reinforced one is guaranteed and which variators?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
14 February 2020

We welcome you, Nikolai! In a nutshell, the 2-axis version will be too short, and if without changing the length of the boat, then the goose will sag! You are all right, the mass is sufficient and with a 3-axis modification, the load is distributed better!)

We have been undergoing certification for a year, this is a very bureaucratic and tedious process in our country, so far there is no exact data when we pass, unfortunately (BUT! on public roads on tracked vehicles, in principle, it is impossible to move according to our legislation, regardless of whether it is registered or not! You can try to register it as a homemade.

The warranty did not apply to the variator when ordering with a conventional VAZ gearbox, with a reinforced gearbox, the warranty was for both the gearbox and the variator! But at the moment we have completely switched to VAZ components, and the bridge and gearbox are now from GAZ 3110!)

9 February 2020, 21:38

Hello! Please tell me do you make tracked all-terrain vehicles with UAZ axles and wheels?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
9 February 2020

Good afternoon, Andrey! No, we don’t do it with UAZ bridges and wheels, the bridge is currently GAZ 3110, the wheels are 16R from Ford Mondeo)

6 February 2020, 16:40

Hello, please tell me how the traction on the Dobrynya conveyor will be 15 hp. We have a lot of snow, let’s say

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
6 February 2020

Good afternoon, Maxim! The traction of a diesel engine at the bottom will be greater than that of gasoline engines up to 20 hp, but less than that of 24-30 hp. The torque of a 15-horsepower diesel engine is 25.5 Nm.

14 January 2020, 04:32

Tell me, what is the warranty period for your all-terrain vehicles and what it extends to

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
14 January 2020

Good morning, Vladislav! The warranty period for all-terrain vehicles is 1 year. Applies to everything except the Safari variator and the usual VAZ gearbox (not reinforced)

12 January 2020, 18:41

What category of rights is needed for this technique and is it possible to register with gostechnadzor without any problems?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
12 January 2020

Good evening, Yakov! Rights need category E, tractor driver-machinist. Regarding registration – at the moment we are still undergoing certification, so while registration with gostekhnadzor is not possible, tc must be certified to obtain PSM. And when registering, you will need to pay a recycling fee of 121 000 rubles. Now you can register only as a homemade!

12 January 2020, 16:37

Good day!
I liked the all-terrain vehicle, one thing upsets me-there is no blocking of the dif on the bridge. I think it would be more fun with him. Especially in winter. Not planning to?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
12 January 2020

Good afternoon, Fedor! Locking the differential is a controversial issue, at least weighting the bridge and increasing the cost, and maintenance will be more difficult, and we are for reliability and accessibility) We thought about a version with a lock, or as a separate additional option, but there is no solution yet) if we decide, we will definitely inform you, follow our news!)

2 January 2020, 16:36

Hello. How does the payment for the all-terrain vehicle happen?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
2 January 2020

Good afternoon, Igor! Payment takes place after the conclusion of the contract, 50% prepayment before manufacture, and 50% upon readiness)

18 December 2019, 18:38

Please explain the following items from the addendum. options for Conveyor 2, 0:
1. Item 13 – “Modified exhaust system with a car muffler”. But the silencer is already included in the database, is it the same or something else?
2. Item 14. “Tow bar” Is it possible to attach standard agricultural gardening equipment to it (in height), namely a plow for a tillerblock.
Thank you.

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
18 December 2019

Good evening, George!)
1) The car muffler is included in the Conveyor 2.0 base only with engines 24 and 27 hp, with engines 15 – 20 hp is an additional option
2) Depends on the height of the coupling device on your equipment and its type of attachment, we can have a towbar of 3 types – a ball, an American square and a hook for the eyelets) the height of the towbar is about 50 cm from the ground)

14 December 2019, 12:17

Good afternoon, how to find a price list with an additional Equipment to dobrynya conveyor 2

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
14 December 2019

Good afternoon, Vladimir! Price list in the documents section – https://atvdobrynya.ru/products/dobrynya-transporter-20,
we apologize for the delay, the price lists have been updated)

13 December 2019, 15:39

Hello, do you need a tractor driver’s license? Or is it not necessary at all?Accounting?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
13 December 2019

Good afternoon, Vasily! Yes, the rights are needed for the category of a tractor driver, this is a tracked self-propelled vehicle, not intended for use on public roads. At the moment, it is not registered, we are engaged in certification, as soon as we pass, it will be possible to receive PSM, but at the same time a recycling fee of about 121 000 rubles will be added.(

9 December 2019, 16:33

Greetings. What are the advantages of diesel engines over gasoline engines on Conveyor 2.0? Were there any tests of towing logs, for example, on different engines? And also what is the advantage of the 4-axis configuration?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
9 December 2019

Good afternoon, Ilya! Diesel engines have only one advantage – traction at the bottom, otherwise gasoline engines are more unpretentious and reliable!) they even towed a wooden booth, we have a video on VKontakte) The advantage of the 4-axle version is in passenger and cargo capacity, but at the same time the all-terrain vehicle becomes less maneuverable. heavy and rolls harder on the slopes!)

7 December 2019, 12:03

Tell me, are there any seat belts included with sprung seats?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
7 December 2019

Good afternoon, George! No, there are no seat belts included

30 November 2019, 02:45

Hello. Something I see your all-terrain vehicles cease to be “popular”). Prices have risen. What is the reason for this?! The minimum price is essentially for bare iron. Taking into account even the necessary options, the conveyor will cost under 400 thousand. And this is no longer available to everyone + logistics. Not everyone who wants to live in Krasnoyarsk or its edges.

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
30 November 2019

Good afternoon, Vitaly! Our pricing policy has remained unchanged for more than a year, prices have been rising only for the reinforced gearbox!)

3 November 2019, 23:02

Hello. And do you do it with a diesel engine and how much does it cost?.

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
3 November 2019

Good afternoon, Fedor! Yes, any of our models can be made with a diesel engine! The cost depends on the model you choose and additional options)

23 August 2019, 22:30

Hello, in the video we talked about the possibility of installing the engine both in the back and in the middle is it possible to order a Dobrynya Maxi with an engine in the middle and side seats on the sides and would this be an additional option?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
23 August 2019

Good evening, Dmitry! We have three models – Safari model, engine at the rear, drive – front, Maxi model – engine at the rear, drive also front, and Conveyor model – engine in the middle, drive – rear. A Maxi with an engine in the middle will not work, it will be a Conveyor, but with rear-wheel drive. The seats are included in the base, so the best option for you is to consider a Conveyor model with a central engine arrangement. By the way, in terms of weight distribution, the Conveyor is the most successful model)

23 August 2019, 21:29

I would like to ask in the video on some models, when turning, a strong whistle is heard, whether this is due to the engine power, if so, which engines do you recommend.

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
23 August 2019

Welcome again, Dmitry! Such a sound is heard on the video, where the all-terrain vehicle is walking through swamps or water, it is not the whistle of the engine, but the hum or creak from the pads when braking, which is obtained as a result of the fact that there is water between the pads and the discs all the time)

2 August 2019, 03:19

Good afternoon! What about the screw? Overview, price?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
2 August 2019

Good afternoon, Nikolai! At the moment, we do not put screws, there were such versions before. There is no full-fledged review of the model with a screw, in contact on the wall you can find photos and videos.

4 June 2019, 22:34

Hello, is pickup possible?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
4 June 2019

Good afternoon, Dmitry! Yes, of course it is possible!)

Andrey Moscow
28 May 2019, 14:22

is a test drive possible?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
28 May 2019

Good afternoon, Andrey! Yes, of course it is possible) To make an appointment for a test drive, call us at: 8-906-768-93-78

Andrey spb
28 May 2019, 13:40

Hello, in the description of the equipment you manufacture, I did not find information about the certificate of conformity for this product, the question is, do you have a certificate of conformity for the production of this equipment?

Dobrynya All-terrain vehicles
28 May 2019

Good afternoon, Andrey! No, there is no certificate at the moment, we are undergoing certification, but this process is very long and complicated in our country!) Therefore, it will definitely be – but when, it is not yet known, I think not earlier than in half a year..

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