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Universal all-terrain vehicle

Replaces 5 models of special equipment
Для быстрого и комфортного передвижения по снегу
Для уборки снега, сельскохозяйственных и заготовительных работ
Swamp walker
Для преодоления болот, топей, мари и сборки ягод
Преодоление грязи, канав, полей и умеренного бездорожья
Для уверенного передвижения по воде

Dobrynya Finist

The Dobrynya Bulat amphibious all-terrain vehicle is the top model in our line of all-terrain vehicles, we tried to take into account all the wishes of our customers and put them together in Bulat!

The Dobrynya Bulat all-terrain vehicle is equipped with LONCIN gasoline four-stroke two-cylinder engines with a capacity of 24 hp, 27 hp and 30 hp. The engine is located in front, the drive is rear. The engine has a system
forced air cooling. The basic configuration of the model includes a tensioner roller, thanks to which the angle of attack of the caterpillar is 45 ° and it is possible to adjust the tension of the caterpillar. The all-terrain vehicle is equipped with a reinforced bridge from the GAZ 3110 car and a gearbox with a 4-satellite differential from the Gazelle truck. The capacity of the all-terrain vehicle is from 2 to 6 people with a load of up to 500 kg. Dobrynya Bulat in the basic version is made with a 3-axle suspension and 6 support wheels with cargo reinforced rubber R16C 185/75.

With its excellent cross-country ability, the snowmobile is able to accelerate on land up to 40 km / h, the speed of movement on water is 3-4 km / h, and with an additional outboard outboard motor, the speed can reach up to 7 km/ h. Due to the low ground pressure (0.05 kg / cm2), the Dobrynya Bulat all-terrain vehicle can easily move on any soil, snow or swamp.

Unique design


The Dobrynya Finist all-terrain vehicle is equipped with a four-stroke gasoline engine VAZ 11183 with a capacity of 80 hp. Excellent torque of 120 NM. in combination with economical consumption and compactness make this engine optimal for this class of all-terrain vehicles.

At your request, we can equip the all-terrain vehicle with a 109 hp Toyota 1NZ-FE engine, with it the all-terrain vehicle will be even more powerful and faster, and the torque of 130 NM shows itself perfectly at the bottom!


All Dobrynya Finist all-terrain vehicles are equipped with a welded frame integrated into the body.

The frame is made of profiled pipe, of various thicknesses and cross-sections.


In the basic configuration of all-terrain vehicle, we install UAZ Spicer bridges in combination with a distributor from VAZ 2131.

Additionally, it is possible to equip the all-terrain vehicle with reinforced semi-axles.


The body of our all-terrain vehicle is made of high-strength steel elements sheathed with composite material Alucobond.

All body elements are laser-cut on a CNC machine and bent on a bending CNC machine.


The all-terrain vehicle is equipped with a spring-loaded front and rear suspension of the UAZ Hunter. The smoothness of the course, the softness of passing holes and obstacles, combined with simplicity and reliability, make it easy to overcome long distances on any roads with comfort!


On the Dobrynya Finist all-terrain vehicle, we are installing new manual transmissions from VAZ 11113. This box is distinguished by its reliability and unpretentiousness.

We modify the box ourselves and remove the 5th gear.


Forester 1370/600/533 low-pressure tires in combination with light-alloy wheels of their own production provide the all-terrain vehicle with excellent cross-country ability with minimal ground pressure.

The transverse tread pattern of the tire and the 25 mm high ground hook allow you to move on an all-terrain vehicle for a long time at very low pressure inside the wheel, while not affecting its resource.

Additionally, the tread pattern provides excellent coupling even with weakly bearing soil and good speed of the all-terrain vehicle on the water.


1900 mm
1850 mm
3300 mm


Length, mm 3300
Width, mm 1900
Высота (без жесткого каркаса), мм 1850
Высота (с жёстким каркасом), мм 2750
Weight, kg 720
Clearance, mm 350

Cooling system:

Cooling system Air


Track Steel track on a rubber-cord tape, width 460 mm


Body Steel boat, thickness 2 mm


Ходовая часть Полный привод, gолуоси, мосты и ресоры УАЗ

Brake system:

Brake system Hydraulic disc two-piston

Standard equipment:

Starter Manual
Variator Safari
Transmission 4-speed manual
Axle GAZ 3110
Wheels R16C 185/75 with heavy duty tires
Trucks with increased grouser (height 32 mm)
Drain plugs 2 pcs.
Tensioner tracks+stray roller
Front bumper power, corrugated pipe 40x40 mm
Winch platform Yes
Water cutters 4 pcs
Dashboard with backlight, engine temperature, oil pressure gauges and voltmeter
Hour meter Yes
Front Passenger Handle Yes
Защита рулевого цилиндра
Два сиденья спереди автомобильного типа
Жесткий каркас кабины и кузова обшитый композитом
Раздвижные форточки пассажира и водителя
Лобовое стекло Триплекс
Задняя дверь
Эво коврики передние
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A full description of the complete sets and the cost of all-terrain vehicles, as well as prices for additional equipment are indicated in the price list. You can get more detailed information about our all-terrain vehicles, installment terms and any questions you are interested in by calling us at the phone number 8 495 374-92-78