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We made the first all-terrain vehicle in 2014, it was conceived and assembled for personal use when it became clear that SUVs and ATVs stopped driving where they wanted. A lot has changed since then) And first of all, our concept. Now our all-terrain vehicles are leaders in the market of tracked all-terrain vehicles of light purpose!
Passable, reliable, high-quality - we constantly strive to make our all-terrain vehicles even better, we refine the components, external and internal structural elements. Smooth and at the same time bold design features are another unique feature of the all-terrain vehicle, its appearance attracts at first glance.

The build quality, reliability of components and assemblies and catchy design is a delight even among competitors - most of them resorted to all sorts of tricks to find out technical solutions, many tried to copy the look, but all attempts were in vain - our all-terrain vehicles remain the best and most in demand on the market, and the secret is that we have the best a team of professionals in their field, everyone does what they know best!)

The staff of our company at the moment is 20 people, the production area is more than 1000 square meters, we use laser CNC machines and pipe bends, as well as the most modern equipment for the manufacture of parts and components. For 6 years of production, we have manufactured more than 400 all-terrain vehicles that travel in 120 regions of Russia, Belarus and even in Kazakhstan.